Modernhome 6-Piece Hourglass Spice Rack Set

By admin, July 25, 2015

Product Features

  • Set features 6 double-sided spice holders, which can be filled to accommodate up to 12 of your favorite spices or seasonings
  • Features dual-opening lids offering the option of either sprinkling or pouring your spices
  • Comes with a stylish, space-saving stand for easy access and compact storage
  • Customize your spice combinations based on your cooking preferences or favorite recipes
  • Sophisticated hourglass-shaped design with clear spice windows, chrome accents and stylish black lids
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Product Description

What kitchen would be complete without a diverse selection of spices, herbs and other flavorful enticements? the only drawback, as many chefs and cooking enthusiasts know, is how much cupboard and countertop room they can take up. Traditional spice racks are big, bulky and exceedingly limited in function. That’s all changed thanks to the Modern home hourglass spice rack set. Each 2-sided jar holds two separate spices, allowing you a new world of customization when it comes to preparing and cooking meals. Use one for salt & pepper, one for oregano & parsley, one for parmesan & fresh pepper, or whatever combination your cooking style calls for. Their dual-function lid allows for subtle shaking or perfectly smooth pours, and the chic hourglass design with black & chrome accents will look spectacular in any setting.

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