Lightning Supplies 3.3 Feet Charging Cable for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, iPad and iPod – White

By admin, July 25, 2015

Product Features

  • Please Read! Warning to buyers If this product is not purchased from Lightning Supplies TM. You will not receive our brand product and will not receive the Lifetime Guarantee! And will be buying a sub par 3rd party product that does not work and that is not backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. Other sellers on this listing have not been authorized to sell our brand product so we want all potential buyers to be aware and make sure you purchase Lightning Supplies TM.
  • Lightning Supplies TM. Cable will work with most all cases including Otterbox and most all waterproof iphone cases. This lightning Cable is 100% compatible with Verizon iphone, Sprint iphone, ATT iphone & Virgin Mobile iphone. We offer 6 inch / 152.4 mm, 3ft / 1m and a high speed heavy duty 6ft / 2m for iphone / ipod / ipad. It has been our goal to offer a cable that is durable but can charge your phone without any error codes.
  • Lifetime Guarantee! Lightning Supplies stands behind this product performance & compatibility. This is the last cable you ever need to buy!!. We buy from manufactures that build cables for for all the major brands out there. We are not a big box store but we are not looking to sell our cables for top dollar but compete with big box store prices. The one thing that you will get when you by a Lightning Cable from Lightning Supplies TM.
  • Lightning Supplies TM. Would like to also inform all buyers that we try to do our best in checking our cables before you the consumer receives this cable. It has been brought to our attention that the micro chip in this cable that allows your apple product to recognize this cable, can get damaged during the manufacturing process and shipping process. If this happens don't worry we will take care of this and send you a replacement cable no questions asked.
  • We do not control the mail service. But what we do control is our Lifetime Guarantee that when you get your cable it should work 100% flawless. If this is not the case then you need to contact us immediately and let us know of the problem because it is so important for us to make you the customer happy. No matter what the issue is we will take care of it and make sure when you spend your hard earned cash on our products that you are satisfied for Life!
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Product Description

All cables are created equal, wrong? This cable is kid tested and Mom and Dad Approved! We were cable poor it seemed all our cables stopped charging our iphones. As a parent I went on a quest to find the best cable out there that could stand up to punishment of our kids. Lightning Supplies certified lightning cable has what most cheap replacements don’t. This cable is kid tested, we have our kids test our products inside and out. We all know if it can stand up to quality control of our kids. It is truly the best quality out there. We also found it is nice to have options such as length so we offer a 6 inch, 3 foot and 6 foot cable. Seamlessly sync and charge your phone at the same time on your Windows PC or Mac or just plug directly into your wall or car USB charger. Works with iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad 4/5, iPad Air, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPod touch 5/6, iPod Nano 7. We feel that when you spend your hard earned CASH you should have the piece of mind that our cables are built to last. In fact, we are so confident in our cables that we will cover them with our Lifetime Guarantee, meaning this is the one and only lightning cable you will ever need to buy. If you ever have any problems just send it back and will send you a brand new one no questions asked…For Life!!!!

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