BONAVENTURA – German Leather Diary Type for iPhone 6s / 6 – Orange

By admin, December 25, 2015

Product Features

  • The product uses a leather of male calf named German Togo that features ease of handling and moderate softness with fine and deep texture. Togo is the proven material that can be used for variety of leathers from the bag to accessories since the advent of 1997 from its quality because it is enough flexible and hard to conspicuous when scratched.
  • The appropriate thickness of the leather leads to a strong sense of ownership when taken in hand.
  • The variety of colorful color choices encourages playful imagination and emphasize ownerfs personality.
  • For New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6
New Price: $149.99
Old Price: $149.99
You Save: $59.99

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Product Description

All BONAVENTURA cases made by carefully selected genuine leather which have been adopted by a number of globally well-known fashion brands, and processed and decorated by the craftsmen work on interior and leather accessories for top car manufacturers world-wide. This euncompromising qualityf proves the best of luxury, and will give you the superior satisfaction and joy of owning the product.

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