Bluedio H-WH (Turbine) wired Portable stereo heaphones/heaset Deep bass style Hurrican Series Gift-package (Noble Black)

By admin, August 30, 2015

Product Features

  • 1. Φ57mm ultra-big speaker, brings amazing bass; Impedance of only 16Ω, easy to drive with smart phones, tablets, PCs and so on;
  • 2. 99.95% pure OFC cable, less signal distortion, enjoy HIFI music. Up to 98dB SNR( Signal to Noise Ratio ), compares with CD in sound quality.
  • 3. Fashionable, design idea from Turbine symbolizes your endless energy and passion.
  • 4. Comfortable, as if you never put on Turbine H-WH. Artificial protein leather and memory foam, ensure comfort with hours of wearing.
  • 5. Φ3.5mm audio jack, compatible with most smartphones. No need of battery, enjoy music 24/7.

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Product Description

Since June 2014, Turbine headsets have been officially released around the world and fast been a hit in Bluetooth headset market. To satisfy your needs, we craft a Turbine wired version, Turbine H-WH, amazing bass as H-Turbine and no need of battery.


Color: black, white

Magnet type: neodymium

Transducer type: dynamic

Driver unit: Φ57mm

Speaker impedance: 16Ω

Sensitivity: 110dB

Distortion: <0.1%(THD)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Audio jack: Φ 3.5mm

Headset size: 172×85×182mm

Package size: 213×96×225mm

In the box:

Turbine H-WH headset 1pc

Φ3.5mm audio cable 1pc

Y conversion cable 1pc

Audio cable with mic 1pc (only for Apple and Samsung)

User manual 1pc

About Bluedio

Bluedio is a manufacturer pioneer in portable audio device, providing solutions of professional audio and wireless communication. In 2009, we have registered Bluedio as our trademark in the USA, later obtained certificates from China and the whole world. So far, Bluedio has owned over 30 patents, highly praised by consumers over 34 countries.

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