300Mbps Mini Portable WiFi Range Extender, WiFi Repeater, WiFi Range Extender(Support IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11b、IEEE 802.11n)

By admin, August 7, 2015

Product Features

  • Environmental, Safe, Portable, Mini;
  • Support 802.11b/g/n WiFi transmission protocol, 300Mbps rate of transmission;
  • Professional Intelligent WiFi repeater;
  • WiFi intelligent bridge function, Wireless switch wired, wired switch wireless, intelligent switch;
  • WiFi intelligent repeater mode, it supports WiFi hot spots scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function;

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Product Description

MINI300 is an environmentally and safe WiFi signal repeater. Working in the repeater mode, MINI300 can be doubled to extend the original WiFi signal coverage, while it can ensure the security of the wireless signal, its working principle is: at the edges of the original WiFi hot spot signal coverage, the MINI300 that in “repeater mode ” is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and then zoom in to the normal, safe strength, and after optimization, error correction processing, to achieve signal coverage distance doubled extension under safe. This differs from traditional wireless signal amplifier – only amplifies the signal and ignore the wireless security.

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